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September Business of the Month – The HR Department

It’s the part of running a business that many people dread dealing with. The hiring, and sometimes the firing, of staff. In this day and age, there are so many responsibilities and regulations to cope with, of you don’t do it properly you can get seriously stung.

Which is why calling on the expertise of people like Laura Ducens is not just a convenience, but an essential. If you employ staff, or are about to, then consulting Laura for her expertise is a must!

And you will go a long way to find someone more qualified to guide you through the minefield of laws and regulations. She has been working in the HR profession for 40 years, and now offers all those years of experience around Northampton South, through her consultancy The HR Dept.

Laura’s business, which she launched earlier this year, provides outsourced HR support for SMEs in Northampton, Towcester, Olney, Roade, Silverstone, Buckingham, Bugbrooke, and Morton Pinkney. It will come as little surprise that her experience is in much demand. And she is loving every minute of it.

“What I offer is so diverse, and so widely applicable, that it’s only by listening to companies that you find out what their problems are, and what they need,” she said.

“I don’t just bring the technical HR expertise – the four decades of experience in the corporate world with British Home Stores, and then as head of HR at Bestway Cash & Carry, is really useful for SMEs that are looking to grow.

“I can suggest the kind of things that big businesses do for their employees, and then adapt them on a smaller scale,” said Laura. “So businesses which are growing and developing can really benefit from all that experience.

“Legislation is rapidly changing, and as soon as you start to employ people, you need to be aware of the implications and the potential risk to your business – and saying that is not to scare people, but to let them know that in me, they have someone to help and support them moving forward, and dealing with any issues that may arise.”

It’s what business owners dread. But if issues should arise, then there would be no better person to put your trust in than Laura Ducens!

To contact Laura, call 01604 563109 or 07393 018273, or email her:

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