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Selling comes easier to some than others…

Selling comes easier to some than others. But selling when your product is something you have tried yourself, and would happily endorse to others, is a far more agreeable way of persuading potential customers to buy from you.

Which is why Mandy Lagden has made such a success of running Forever Living business, and supported many others to do likewise. Many products have been tried by Mandy, and are duly trusted by her. It is with that confidence and surety she can recommend to others.

And there’s some good news for anyone who loves the products as Mandy does, and might be contemplating running a Forever Business themselves: she is now looking for new recruits to her team. You would be in more than capable hands!

Mandy was a high-flyer in corporate marketing for much of her career, working her way up the ranks with Unilever, with whom she served for 31 years until she was made redundant 10 years ago. Thinking about what to do next, she then chanced across a Forever Living representative at a business networking event, and suddenly, opportunity knocked for her.

“When I left Unilever, a lot of people asked me to keep in touch, and were looking for help and support, so it gave me the idea of starting a small business offering admin services,” she said. “I used to network and met my Forever sponsor, and I liked what I heard, it was a great opportunity, and I decided to go for it.

“It all took off really quickly, which was great, I built up a terrific team around me, and by 2014 the business was flying; to be honest I had everything I could wish for, it was lovely.”

But out of nowhere, the fickle finger of fate delivered a thundering blow to her that year. Her husband of 39 years died suddenly, and Mandy’s life was turned upside down.

“At that point I took a step back and stopped recruiting,” she said. “By then I’d helped and supported a lot of other people start and grow their Forever Living businesses, and seeing them continuing to grow and flourish has been extremely rewarding, it’s continued to be so over the past four years, and always will be.”

Now, nearly five years since Mandy’s world fell apart, she is now ready to resume recruiting new members to her team. “I’m actively looking for new recruits,” she said. “I’m now at that point where I’m ready to start doing it all again.”

So what kind of person makes a success of running a Forever Living business? “Someone who is looking to make some extra money, who wants to be working from home, and who is passionate about the products, as I am,” says Mandy. “Like me, it best suits someone who uses the products, loves them as I do, and, like me, is happy to endorse them.

“You get out of it what you put into it; it’s not full on sales, it’s just about recommending to others, and then building up a customer base, and I’m there to help, support and encourage.”

And what, of all the many Forever Living products that Mandy uses herself does she recommend most? “The drinking gel is brilliant,” she says. “I’ve done it for 10 years now, and in all that time I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a cold!

“And that’s one of the rewards about selling Forever Living products: seeing the difference they can make to peoples’ lives – I’m not saying they will be a cure for various ailments and conditions, but they are certainly a relief, and for many make life much easier.”

For more information about opportunities with Forever Living, and the extensive range of products, go to, or contact Mandy on 07946 056734.


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