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October Business of the Month – Nightingale First Aid Training

Hands up – metaphorically – all those of you with working knowledge of First Aid, and the confidence to cope if someone near you suddenly collapsed. If this question was asked at a business meeting, one suspects that not too many hands would go up.


Your correspondent is among those whose hands would stay down. And frankly I am embarrassed to admit that if someone who I was working with, or in a pub, at a railway station, wherever, suddenly collapsed to the ground, I would panic.


I often wonder how many people in any one office or industrial environment are trained in First Aid. There’s normally someone delegated the responsibility, but what would happen if they were on a day off?


Since meeting Angie Tyler at a Northampton Business Network event, this subject has been energising me. I know I must do better, and therefore enrolling on one of the First Aid courses run by Nightingale First Aid Training – Angie’s business – is high on the agenda before the end of the year.


“Too many people lack a basic knowledge of First Aid,” said Angie. “Yet if you are running a business you have a duty to your staff, and to your customers, to have an understanding of how to cope should someone collapse, or have a serious accident in the workplace,” said Angie, who has been running her business for four years.


“First Aid is part of the overall Health and Safety umbrella, in other words it is important that someone in each office, store, whatever, is a qualified First Aider – ensuring that there are enough people qualified should be part of an overall Risk Assessment, in my opinion.”


And yet while it is expected that all working environments have a qualified First Aider, there is currently no UK legislation which obliges certain businesses or premises to do so. In English law, however, there can be liability for negligence for failing to take appropriate safety precautions. Angie believes it should be a legal requirement.


But knowledge of First Aid extends beyond the workplace. As Angie points out: “The need for First Aid training stretches easily into home life – for instance, are your babysitters First Aid trained if something went wrong when you’re out, for instance! You hope it never happens, but it could.


“Earlier this year, there was a survey that made the news headlines, in which more than three-quarters of parents admitted they would not be able to save their children from choking, which is a frightening statistic.”


And if you’re reading this happy in the knowledge that you have done a First Aid course, then when did you do it? Says Angie: “First Aid methods are changing all the time, there’s year on year progress based on experience and knowledge – for instance, how many people have used a defibrulator


Nightingale First Aid Training run a variety of courses, from the basic training of a one day, to the more meaningful three day course; they also do home visits, to teach the basic skills to parents and carers. “Training gives you confidence,” says Angie.


For the full list of First Aid courses Nightingale First Aid Training organise, check out their website:

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