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November Business of the Month – Hot Lead Generators

If you are starting a new venture, it helps if you have passion, belief, and desire. It also helps if you have something unique to offer potential customers. Mix all that together, and you have a strong recipe for success.

Which is why Wellingborough based Hot-Lead Generators hit the ground running following its launch two and a half years ago, and is already in the fast lane to becoming one of the county’s key players in the lead-generation business.

The unique selling point of Hot-Lead Generators is that their customers only pay if they achieve results. If they open doors, and earn their customers good leads from their tele-marketing campaigns, then there will be a fee. If they don’t, the customer pays nothing.

“Pay as you go is, we believe, unique to our industry,” said company director Lewis Ramoo. “There’s no daily or hourly, rate for our services, we charge for what we achieve; once we have generated the leads, it is then up to the customer to convert them into new business, our job is to open doors, so to speak.

“We speak to our customer, find out exactly what they are looking for us to achieve for them – making introductions, or selling for them – and where they want us to do it,” he explained. “We then find the data, put it to trial, and then go through the process.

“We charge for introductions, and what we seek to achieve is to give our clients an opportunity to talk to potential customers they’d never previously had.”

Hot-Lead Generators was Lewis’s idea; one that evolved during a 14-year career in the insurance industry. He ran the call-centre for his employers, and learnt as warm leads developed by one team were passed on to sales staff who then followed up the initial call, and sought to win business.

Lewis spotted what he believed was a gap in the market, and in March 2015 decided to go for it. Just under a year later, his close friend Selwyn Moon came on board as a co-directory, and together, the two of them are driving Hot-Lead Generators to an exciting future.

Said Selwyn: “I actually come from a Telecoms background, but I could see what Lewis was seeking to achieve, and saw an opportunity for me to get involved with a business I believed could really go places.

“Initially, I was a silent partner, but the more I’ve got into it, the more I could see what Lewis was working towards, the more I started to become involved, and now I am as passionate and full of self-belief about this business as Lewis is, and together I know we can go places.”

Lewis, Selwyn, and their ever-growing team moved into a new headquarters in Wellingborough back in the summer, but plans are already being developed to further expand.

Said Lewis: “We’re doing what we’re good at, and we’re doing what we’ve proved we can do – as far as we’re concerned, anything’s achievable, and we always set out to prove that. We want to deliver, we’re motivated and passionate about it, and we have self-belief in abundance.”

And the enthusiasm that rubs off the combination of Selwyn and Lewis is infectious. You really do belief that if anybody can, they can!

“We’re very ambitious, very passionate about what we do, and we won’t be happy until we’re the key players in the Northamptonshire area,” said Selwyn. “We’re growing really quickly, and both me and Lewis are very fired up and excited about the future.”



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