Julia’s top-quality photos will tell perfect stories about your business!

For someone who fell in love with photography at an early age, it seemed only natural that picking up a camera and rekindling the flame was the first thing to do when Julia Harris decided her sons had reached an age where she felt comfortable to start her own business.

It was her father’s enthusiasm for taking photos that first prompted her own love, and as a young girl growing up in Nigeria, her camera became one of her best friends. But her priorities changed after she married, and had her two sons.


But now settled in Northamptonshire, and with her boys both in senior school, Julia decided she wanted “to be more than mum”, and photography was the obvious route to pursue. Julia and her camera have once again become the closest of friends, and that is reflected in the success she has achieved since launching JMH PhotoStories in January last year.


“As a child photography was a part of everything we did, and even when I met my husband, and had children, my interest never waned, though I did have to slow down.” she said. “My husband’s job has seen us move around over the years: to different parts of the UK, India, Poland, and Gibraltar, but four years ago we settled in Northamptonshire.


“It was at that point my sons were starting to hide from the camera, as teenagers do, so, with that change, and the fact I didn’t need to be a full-time mum with the boys at senior school, a shift happened.


“I had more time on my hands, and that was it: I changed what I was taking photos of, found a new kind of photography, and setting up the business was a natural thing to do!


“A business local to where I live was looking for someone to take pictures of a product, he asked me if I could help and it’s gone from there, and I’m so pleased I’ve done it.”


To prove herself to potential clients, and to build up a portfolio, Julia initially offered her photographic services free of charge, but within three months such was her gathering reputation that the phone was pinging regularly, and the business duly took off from there.


“I love it,” she said. “It builds your confidence, takes you out of your comfort zone, and over the past 18 months I’ve really been able to build the business up; and what is important for me is that I can work at my own pace, and by doing that, make sure my clients have the attention to the perfection and detail they expect from a professional photographer.”


So who are Julia’s ideal clients? “Oh, definitely small businesses,” she said without hesitation. “I love to help people, work around their budgets, and be part of the process that helps that business to grow and develop.”


“To me, great pictures make fantastic sales staff; it’s an old cliché, but a picture does paint a thousand words, it captures the attention of potential customers, it attracts them to the words that go around the picture, and the picture also reflects on the image of the company too.”


And Julia is certainly very thorough! “I like to create a photograph, not just turn up with a camera and take a picture; anyone can do that; I like to be imaginative, a little quirky, but at the same time, understand my clients, understand what they are looking to achieve, and then follow their brief, but using my own creativity.”


So if you run a business looking for a photographer to make your company, and its products, stand out from your competition, to take pictures that are so good, they act as an extra member of the sales team, then call Julia!


“I love what I do and there is nothing more rewarding knowing that I can make a difference!”


For more information about JMH PhotoStories, to read a selection of her testimonials, and to take a look at her gallery, visit her website: https://jmhphotostories.com/ or call/text her on 07887 535112 (9am to 7pm).


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