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Helping people turn their lives around for the better is an ‘extremely rewarding’ vocation for Lisa

When you know that what you do for a living makes a massive difference to people’s lives and well-being, then job satisfaction is never a problem.

Lisa Hyland is a belief change therapist, and she loves her work. And yes, she is giving people the belief to change their lives for the better. To say her input has been life-changing for some is not to understate her impact in the slightest. Indeed, take her latest testimonial as an example of the difference Lisa makes.

“Lisa is approachable, intuitive, empathetic and exceptionally talented at what she does,” said a satisfied client, whose name has been withheld due to client confidentiality.

“Within the past year she has cleared hundreds of false beliefs and barriers from my subconscious, and the results speak for themselves; I was suffering from anxiety and depression, and on medication of which, following our work together, I am now free.

“After getting divorced at a young age, I held some very negative beliefs about getting married again, but with Lisa’s help I overcame them, and recently enjoyed the best day of my life – I cried as I walked down the aisle, a testament to just how far I’d come.

“I also managed to get my fitness and weight back on track, and overcame a phobia of fish that I’d had since childhood – and am happy to say I was able to enjoy snorkelling on my Honeymoon.

“Lisa’s approach won’t be for everyone, but if you, like me, have an open mind and a belief in something other than what you can see, hear, feel or touch, then believe me the results will be worth it, and you’ll be happy you made the decision to invest in yourself, and in Lisa.”

Praise indeed. And these are words that Northampton based Lisa holds very dear.

“It is extremely rewarding to know that I can help people turn their lives around,” she said. “The service I provide is an ‘alternative’ therapy, and the methods I use to achieve the outcomes I seek have been created by me through experience and experimentation: I found out what was working, and developed from there.”

Lisa became a belief change therapist after undergoing her own journey of discovery. An account manager for a manufacturing company, she felt unfulfilled, and felt she had more to give than what she was doing. So she took the proverbial plunge, and handed in her notice. A new adventure was underway, and Lisa’s first client was her sister!

“She’d been in a lot of pain for years; had no holidays, and couldn’t work,” explained Lisa. “She was very sceptical when I offered to help but agreed to go along with it because it was me – and now sees the benefits.

“She’s working again, she’s been on holiday, and after 18 years of being in constant pain, she is now free of it, and I am so pleased for her,” she said. “With the confidence from that, and the endorsement of a previously sceptical sister, I have never looked back!”

So how does Lisa work? “Much of what I do is about understanding not just ‘an issue’, but what underpins it. and identifying other areas that contribute to the problem.

“For instance, a client came to see me who was suffering from chronic depression, and with it, having suicidal thoughts,” she explained. “Her medication was being changed so often, nothing seemed the right fit, and if I’m honest, she came to see me – via a referral – as a last resort, and after just one session, I had eradicated those suicidal thoughts.

“I ‘mapped’ her, tuned into what was going wrong, and identified eight areas where there were problems – there was much more going on inside her than depression: she had a multitude of issues that all fed into each other and pulled her down into the situation she was in.

“Ultimately her life has now turned around, and I am so proud of that!”

If you know someone who is dealing with demons such as addiction or depression, or maybe who is in constant pain due to a medical condition, or just needs some encouragement and confidence to move forward, then a referral to Lisa could be the beginning of the end to their issues.

For more information, and to check out those testimonials, visit her website: To arrange a chat, call her on 07809 244922, or email her:

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