Clare Fitzpatrick

Clare’s passion is changing people’s lives for the better!

The ability to make a difference to someone’s life for the better is a great skill. And when you do it successfully, and see the benefits of your work day in, day out, it is extremely rewarding. Which is why Clare Fitzpatrick has not looked back since qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist and setting up her own clinic in April last year.


“It’s the best think I’ve ever done,” said Clare, whose clinic is situated in St Leonard’s Road, on the outskirts of Northampton town centre. “I waited 30 years to work out what I really wanted to do in life, and now I’ve found it; I’m loving every minute.”


What makes it even more rewarding are the many testimonials Clare receives, convincing her beyond doubt that she did the right thing. “Testimonials and referrals mean so much to me,” she said. “It means I am not just making a difference to those who come to see me, but my clients are confident enough to then refer me to others, and you can’t beat word of mouth experience.


“People come to me because they’re suffering – for example, with depression, anxiety, stress, OCD; or they have fears and phobias they desperately want to overcome; or in other cases, they’re in constant pain, and think that coming to see me could offer them a possible relief.


“For many people, it’s a big thing to admit they have a problem, and I see it as my job to help the client deal with it, and then work together to overcome it,” said Clare. And her clients are of all ages, including teenagers. “They usually come to see me with their parents, and a lot of them turn things round really quickly; I connect with them easily, I have teenage children myself, and when you can build that instant rapport it becomes much simpler to make a difference.”


The instant rapport with all clients begins with an initial consultation, which Clare gives free of charge. She and her client analyse their problem, and discuss how hypnotherapy will be able to make difference. After that, they begin the process of dealing with the issue, and ultimately overcoming it. “Interestingly, the biggest change I often see in clients is between that initial consultation and the first session,” she said.

“The client leaves the consultation understanding what the problem is, and that what is happening is perfectly normal, and can be rectified; we then go from there, and as I say, by then we’ve built a rapport between us, and the relationship then grows with every session we have together.”


Clare has always been a ‘people person’, and it was while working in customer service that her interest in how people behave, and why, led her to start studying for a degree in psychology with the Open University. “It was by doing that, that I realised I wanted to do hypnotherapy,” she said. “My sister-in-law then recommended a specialist course and it went from there.


“I put the degree on hold to concentrate solely on the hypnotherapy, and in 2017 started seeing clients as part of the course, initially for case studies, but the feedback was fantastic, I loved it, and after passing my diploma I went for it full time.”


And she hasn’t looked back since. Indeed, such is Clare’s passion for her subject, she has now designed a specialist online package which she offers some clients. It is called ‘Five steps to feeling good’. Says Clare: “It’s horses for courses – for some clients this suits them perfectly, and is another option to be discussed when clients make the initial approach.”


Clare has also started hosting workshops, specialising in mental health and well-being – something she is keen to develop going forward, such has been the enthusiasm for what she is offering.


“I’m focussing on the business and education sectors in particular,” she said. “Mental health is a huge issue in schools and the workplace, but it’s one thing to recognise there’s a problem, another to help, and to do something about it – my workshops have been designed to full of helpful, insightful, information, but delivered in an informal environment.”


It is clear that Clare, who hopes to complete her Open University degree course in the not too distant future, is making an impact. But when you feel as passionately about your subject as she does, it is easy.


“I’m here to help and make a difference”, she says. And there is no doubt she is doing just that!


For more information, visit Clare’s website: Contact her via email:, Or call her on 07935 399237.


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