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Education Help Services Limited (Trading Name: Stunited)
Suit – 12B Lower Harding Steet , Northampton BUsiness Centre , NN1 2JL
Stunited is a social media company which provides high-quality experienced candidate referrals to the local businesses with the guaranteed stay of minimum 6 months to 12 months for FREE to solve their recruitment problems.

STUNITED is a social media for the higher education. We work with lots of universities across the country and help International students to get placed for placement among the local businesses.

Benefits to the Employers

➢ It’s all Free – costs nothing for recruitment.

➢ A Master Level, experienced candidate with National Minimum Wages saves yearly average £12,000 for the

➢ Candidates ready to accept on job unpaid training up to 50hrs or more

➢ No CV sort listing

➢ No Follow up

➢ No need training for months after months

➢ Already completed all Management modules in Masters level

➢ Already having past work experience

➢ Already got job training experience

➢ Many of them from Engineering back ground

➢ Good knowledge in Computer , IT and Social Media

➢ Already scored high in English Language Test

➢ Minimum commitment of 6 months to 12 months or more

➢ Available for Full Time and Part Time basis with flexible timing and hours

➢ Corresponding University will asses their performance which ensures – peace of mind for business

Our candidates take sincere responsibility and committing to help in the following aspects for the company:

o Project management
o Data assessment
o Document preparation
o General office administration
o Advance office management
o Speaking to customer care for the company
o Bookkeeping
o Accounting software handling – QuickBooks, Excel, SAGE etc.
o Dealing with sales quotes, orders, deliveries, and invoicing.
o Office organization
o Event planning
o Event campaign
o Event Management
o Advance Digital Marketing – e-mail campaign, youtube channel, paid social
o media subscription management
o General Digital Marketing
o Cold Calls
o Appointment fixing
o Contacting new and existing customers to make sales
o Deal closing
o Social media management
o Answering emails & social media enquiries
o Lead generation
o IT services
o IT Support to the clients
o IT product sales
o Product testing
o Counseling clients
o Monthly VAT returns – Invoice processing, supplier payments scheduling
o Payroll – Maintaining the cap table,
o keeping share certificates up to date
o ensuring EIS documentation up to date etc.
o Regular financial updates to shareholders
o Optimising bank charges and payment fees